Krystle Hickman

Krystle is a ballpoint pen artist, sugar artist and TEDx Speaker originally from Omaha, Nebraska. She moved to Los Angeles for the diversity and a hope of more opportunities for her future and career, which is exactly what she found. Five months after quitting her office job, she rediscovered drawing.

The first drawing Krystle did was a simple pen sketch of Freddie from the television show Skins. After finishing that sketch, over a three week period, she drew every cast member from the first four seasons of Skins. Krystle edited the drawings into a video and sent the video to the creator of the show. He responded the same day and later commissioned her to draw portraits that would be featured in the American version of the television show. With that little bit of early success Krystle made the decision to make art her life. Her artwork is constantly evolving and expanding into new mediums.

Krystle specializes in creating hyper-realistic artwork as well as video, website and Photoshop content. Artistic and creative content has been commissioned by marketing companies, families, political figures, as well as professionals in the music and movie industry. In the past Krystle has worked with Vox, MTV, The Jacksons, Jamiu Abiola, Kevin Hart, West Elm and many others.

She also founded a business with a cause called BeeSip.  A portion of the profits go to educating the public about bees and bee conservation efforts.

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Services & Pricing

Ballpoint Pen Art

Artwork is drawn with BiC Pen on Hahnemühle Paper.  This unique artwork can be hung and/or recorded in time-lapse form.

Price : available upon request

Photoshop & Video Editing

Photo touch-ups and scenery designs can be created from scratch.  Also, post-production editing.

Price : $60/hour

Sugar Art

Created using table sugar on blackboard or canvas.  This artwork can be hung & displayed &/or recorded in time-lapse form & erased.

Price : available upon request

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings are custom completed and based on the design and color of the room where it will be placed.

Price : available upon request

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